Who We Are?

Based upon the foundation of thirty years in steel fabrication, Bartel Armory is dedicated to the manufacturing and customization of unique, innovative gun vaults: The Vault 360. Beginning with an idea for a hobby, David Bartel has evolved the company in order to yield to the inimitable interests of the industry.

The Vault 360 is a perfectly cylindrical storage device with a rounded door that recesses when engaged to open and rotates 360 degrees within the vault itself. It holds the capability to protect various valuables, though it was originally intended for long guns. The interior can now be customized to suit each order, including scopes, double barrels, handguns, jewelry, documents, and is equipped with adjustable shelving for continued versatility.

Leave the worry of reaching for a gun in the back of a square safe behind and take advantage of the rotunda, which brings the gun of your desire to your fingertips with a quick turn.

Our years of experience have allowed us to create
multiple high quality products. See our other business,
Phoenix Manufacturing, for more information.